About Viluthu

Viluthu means, in Tamil, the hanging roots of a Banyan tree.  Just as the hanging roots of the tree   support and nourish the branches to spread wide, this organization supports and strengthens people’s network in the conflict affected North and East

Viluthu envisions a world of tolerance and social justice; A society enabled to practice participatory democracy where resources and opportunities are shared amongst all regions and communities in a just manner.

Promoting a culture of democracy by facilitating changes in legislations, policies and institutional culture through building capacities and instilling values that underpin a democratic and inclusive society.

History and Context
The lack of governance is at the core of the crisis facing Sri Lanka today. Very few proponents of international development would disagree that the need for building capacity for better governance is paramount in the current day context. With a view to building capacity towards better governance Viluthu was established in March 2003.

Sri Lanka is a country endowed with ample natural resources. Till recent times, it used to boast of a high human development index compared to other countries in Asia. Yet, now it is extending its begging bowl for relief, rehabilitation and development interventions.

The causes for this are many faceted. A highly centralized state which has spawned a civil war, a relatively taciturn local government, widespread corruption at the highest political levels, stark human rights abuses and a  dormant civil society count as some of the major reasons. No amount of development aid can put this country back on the road to recovery unless good governance is restored.

In a country where war has been raging for over two and a half decades leading to high levels of militarization, civil society has not been able to speak out. In this context Viluthu finds it imperative to work with the civil society through the youth, through vulnerable women, through local government, the private sector and the media: Promoting good governance by building capacities, especially in the Tamil speaking areas of the North and East.