Nominated – Monaragala

Independent Party – Clock

Name Kusumawathie Hudunneththi
District Monaragala
Electorate Thanamalwila
National Identity Card Number
Age 55 years
Education Level  GCE (A/L) Dharmacharya , Preschool Diploma
Profession  Preschool teacher (Social work)
Registered year with the party  and positions held (if any) 1994

  • Coming in to active politics
  • President and secretary positions
Activities done within the party Working to win the candidates, public advocating , organizing meetings during the election period, pasting posters, working with dedication from presidential election to local government elections (involving the community), organizing meetings for candidates
Activities done for the community
  • Giving trainings for Self employment
  • Giving training for agricultural matters
  • Agrarian field visits
  • Applying and getting farmer equipment
  • Training on home gardening and giving equipment for them
  • Consultation program on violence against women and children and participating on rallies on behalf of them
  • Providing loans for self-employment
  • Planning for hand paper training
Name  Weerappulige Suneetha
District Monaragala 
Electorate  Sevanagala Local council 
National Identity Card Number   
Age  43 years
Education Level  GCE (A/L) English Diploma – Affiliated University
Profession  Samurdhi Development Assistant
Registered year with the party  and positions held (if any) 1993

  • Secretary of the branch society
Activities done within the party Working for the victory of candidates as the secretary of the branch society 
Activities done for the community Have obtained the membership of village development societies, funeral assistance societies.Building a 7 – 8 feet bridge in Sevenagala- Idagola provincial council, making an access road to paddy fields, constructing a house for a poor family without any assistance from the government.

Starting a children’s market and teaching them about saving

Providing driving license.

Doing development programs and home gardening programs in 8 Grama Niladhari Divisions through Samurdhi Societies.